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12 Reasons that Rental Property Investing will Make You Rich

I fell into being a landlord. I'm not going to lie and say that it was a plan. I was NOT an intentional real estate investor. That was in 2011. I am quite intentionally a real estate investor now. Do you know why? Someone else is paying down your mortgage. Appreciation happens. Sure,...


Do you know the cost of tenant turnover? By Kaycee Wegener of Rentec Direct

For the first time ever, I had a gap in tenants. I blame myself. I hired a property manager for the first time. Do you think he cared as much as I did about having a vacant unit? Of course not. I totaled up the cost of my tenant turnover. It cost $3,900 for my $1,350/month apartment to be...


21 Forms to Self-manage Your Rental Property | by Brandon Turner |

When I became a landlord, the first thing I noticed is you need a lot of forms to legally cover yourself and your property. I immediately began researching what forms I would need. Next, I found templates and customized them to meet my city's requirements (yes, each city may have its own...