Ready, Set, Rent!

Learn how to set up processes and systems to simplify landlord life.

What is ReadyRent?

Get a quick overview of ReadyRent's 3-step process for stress-free landlord life.

When you’re a real estate investor with a small to medium sized portfolio or an accidental landlord, hiring a traditional property manager usually doesn’t make sense.

Paying a month’s rent per unit to lease and paying $100 per unit per month to collect rent and hire maintenance people cuts far too deep into your profits. .

Instead of hiring a property manager, be your own property manager by automating your property management needs.

  • Create a system to quickly market your property.
  • Automate apartment showing scheduling.
  • Make application criteria clear before making showing appointments to weed out people who wouldn’t be approved.
  • Develop a tenant onboarding system so the move in process and adjustment period is smooth.
  • Have a maintenance system in place.

ReadyRent offers a 3-part course series to help you develop your landlord systems to increase your profit and reduce your time commitment. By taking a small amount of time to develop your process and systems, you will save time and money for years to come.

Course 1: Landlording: Simplified.

This course will guide you step by step through developing your own landlord systems and understanding the nuances involved in becoming a landlord. Included will be developing a “team,” choosing a rental payment method, developing your lease, developing an application criteria, and more.

Course 2: Property Marketing: Simplified.

This course will guide you through how to take great unit photos, write a perfect ad, where to post your ads, how to set up auto-scheduling for showings, and how to set up an application criteria.

Course 3: Tenant Onboarding: Simplified.

This course will guide you through developing a comprehensive process for familiarizing tenants with your property, lease, payment options, and maintenance request process. Gone are the days of non-stop phone calls at the beginning of the lease. You will learn how to create a system that informs tenants on rules and regulations, signing up for auto-pay, important dates in your property, important phone numbers, and how to schedule maintenance and repairs.

A better educated renter means more retention and less lease confusion. The awkward transition period when a tenant moves in and doesn’t know how to communicate is over.


Our 10% Rule

When you invest in a course with ReadyRent, you are giving back to those in need at the same time. 10% of Read Rent’s profits goes to a charity that YOU get to help choose.

At the end of each year, all students get an email to choose from a list of pre-approved charities. The charity with the most votes will get a donation of 10% of that year’s profits.

When you take a Rent Essentials course you don’t just invest in yourself, you’re investing in someone else’s future too.

- COMING SOON - Custom Solution

Save even more time!

ReadyRent Academy will create custom tenant onboarding e-courses for you. It’s easy.

Step 1: Fill out the “Get Started” form.

Step 2: We build a custom e-course for your property that can be used for the lifetime that you own it.

Step 3: Contact us to add new tenants to the onboarding course.

In three steps, you cut down on the barrage of phone calls that inevitably come when a new tenant moves in.

No Small Claims Court: By properly onboarding tenants, you ensure that they are fully aware of all property rules and regulations and what would warrant money being withheld from the security deposit. Not only will it reduce the chances of being take to small claims courts, it will increase the chances of winning against them by proving that the tenant was fully aware of what damages would be taken from the security deposit.

No More Phone Calls: I dread seeing my tenants’ number on my phone. By ensuring that the tenant knows who to call for repairs, when garbage day is, move-in rules, and how to set up automatic bill pay, you will greatly reduce your phone calls in those all too hectic first few weeks.

Better Tenants: With a systemized tenant onboarding process, you get better tenants. You know that they are responsible because they go through your property’s e-course before signing the lease. They sign up for auto-rent pay right in the e-course. They complete a tenant inspection. They know all of your properties rules and regulations BEFORE signing the lease.

Custom tenant onboarding e-courses simplify a hectic, stressful point of time in the lease.